Be A Light

Be A Light Painting LLC

Create your own art! Take home a memory!
Let’s have a Paint Party Together! 

I create Birthday memories

Hi I’m Cindy! I am the creator of Be A Light Painting, LLC. I enjoy being creative and helping others be creative, love God, love art, and has the goal of being a light to others. Be a Light Painting is the perfect event for your business, church group, social organization, friend group, work group or family!  I can do family events, birthday parties, couples events, ladies church groups, school classes, team building, etc. The host gets together a group of at least ten participants and I come to your location.

Paint parties for kids

Get ready to have fun and be creative, laugh, relax, and unwind. I will teach some painting techniques and demonstrate painting. 
At your request, classes can begin with a blank canvas or begin with reference lines or pre-sketched designs. Also, paint parties can include one design or more than one design (Painter's Choice Party). It is totally up to the host!  No art skills are needed! You don’t have to consider yourself an artistic person to attend. The purpose of the event is more for fellowship and enjoyment in a relaxing atmosphere. Also, provided are the paints, aprons, brushes, easels, templates for lettering (if needed), tablecloths, etc. for participants to use during the event.


The individual/group/business/ organization hosting the event will be
responsible for the venue, the tables and chairs, and any refreshments provided.



 These are family events and alcoholic beverages are NOT allowed.

Please plan to arrive ten minutes early to find your seat and be respectful of everyone’s time.The actual painting event usually takes about two hours. Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting permanently stained since acrylic paints are used.